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The archaic Ferrarista tells his Dakar: “Now I in fact feel for the duration of the whisk, ready to dangle. Nonetheless the 500 Miglia remains my precedence. 2021? Your total Indy series, Wec or the GPs.”

It took greatest 10 days to mediate away all doubts: Fernando will be tough in rally raids, after winning in F1 and Patience, risking to total so even within the Indianapolis 500, his subsequent aim. In the motorhome, which is his home in this Dakar, the mediate about quiet and lightweight, Alonso begins to reveal. Of what he resides. And what’s going to plot.

Fernando, has constantly lived a life at high velocity. The Dakar is terribly assorted, it is above all management, regularity and adaptation to reverse cases.

“Sure, this has been a immense alternate, it is a whisk the attach you wish a long-time frame imaginative and prescient. In this, the Dakar is life like one of many greatest challenges, you don’t constantly need to pressure 100%, nonetheless 80%. You whisk from 20 minutes spent at 150 per hour in a valley, to an hour at 15 hours doing trials between the rocks. Adapting is sophisticated, nonetheless now I in fact feel for the duration of the whisk, ready to dangle”.

The Dakar, then the Indy 500. Factual aim of the year.

“Sure. The Dakar is a inside most trouble, to be rapid in a rally automobile. It’s an race, nonetheless winning the Indy 500 is a extra aggressive trouble. There, victory is the order aim. I’m near closing to whisk with team Andretti.”

He is 38 years aged, early for retirement. What assorted challenges does he pay attention to?

“Now greatest the 500 Miles. After Could possibly well this would be time to carry out a in fact distinguished decision for 2021, although I possess no longer given it grand belief yet. In 2019, with out System 1 I even had been very busy: Patience, Daytona, the preparation of the Dakar. This year I carry out no longer need to carry out plans for the put up-Indy, nonetheless mediate successfully about 2021: replicate if I need to plot to F1 just a few extra years, I’m no longer too aged for that. Or quit the total Indy championship, or whisk the Hypercar within the WEC… It’s far a call that composed contains just a few extra years of profession”.

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