Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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Minute acknowledged truth, Seb Vettel holds a file for the quickest driver to be fined. He used to be fined for rushing within the pitlane appropriate 9 seconds into his debut at Turkey in 2006

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Fernando Alonso

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Minute acknowledged truth mentioned right here once a month on moderate

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Walter Koster

4 aspects · 49 minutes ago

It used to be in Turkey 2006, his first be aware session appearance

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André Lotterer

4 aspects · 18 minutes ago

Minute acknowledged????????

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Michael Schumacher

2 aspects · 7 minutes ago

Or not it’s miles the first entry in a seriously fresh legitimate F1 video with 1,5 mil views.

I am hesitant to name that “microscopic acknowledged”.

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3 aspects · 1 hour ago

So does that create him the Vinnie Jones of F1?

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2 aspects · 50 minutes ago

Perchance we are in a position to seem him grabbing Lando by the balls next season

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Properly he has obtained create for hitting of us heading within the real route

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