Day 49 without F1: I walked up Eau Rouge this present day


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Sebastian Vettel

40 aspects · 1 hour ago


That is raidillon without a doubt

im sorry in sad health get my procedure out

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2 aspects · 5 minutes ago

You peek that splash of water? That is Eau Rouge!

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Fernando Alonso

16 aspects · 53 minutes ago

The downforce on the human physique is insane to assemble that flat out!

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Sebastian Vettel

1 level · 5 minutes ago

lmao who talked about that

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4 aspects · 25 minutes ago

you were going so instant that circulate blur kicked in

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Jim Clark

1 level · 42 minutes ago

I guess discovering grip wasn’t that easy

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#33 Max Verstappen

1 level · 12 minutes ago

Valid coast flat out like an true man

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Unique particular person

0 aspects · 18 minutes ago

Now this shit is on Reddit too…

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