Hi there r/formula1

Straight to the level: I’ve constructed a ingredient and I’m very alive to to find feedback from the community.

As a longtime F1 fan I’ve been counting on F1Calender.com since I will take into account. However I’ve desired to toughen it for somewhat some time, and with the considerably hazardous future of F1 Calender, I believed now could presumably presumably be as shapely a time as any:


Why you need to always exhaust NextF1:

  • It defaults to your selected timezone and takes DST into chronicle (no extra overlooked dart starts). I’ve tried to withhold issues straightforward and simple.

  • It be totally ad-free and it be going to preserve that draw. Let’s be frank – a station like this one is for free to dart.

  • Birth source (https://github.com/havgry/nextf1), rapid, and cell first (whenever you happen to care about that stuff).

I plan to add the following aspects (suggestions or pull requests welcome):

  • Toggle between note time and your time.

  • Likelihood to override selected time zone.

  • Note a countdown when a session is starting rapidly.

  • Subscribe to receive a push notication before a deliver session starts.

  • F2 season calendar (because many of the races deserve worthy extra consideration).

Anyway, I’d have to hear your thoughts and desires 🙂

Edit: Heh, appears to be like to be like as if F1Calendar launched their new edition 20 minutes sooner than me penning this put up. It appears to be like to be like mountainous as properly! Hyped for the season.

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