Foto: FIA Formel E
Photo: FIA Formula E

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship puts the fans in the driver's seat and gives the viewers an impression of what it's like behind to sit on the steering wheel. With the introduction of “Driver's Behold”, an innovative new camera that is attached to the inside of the helmet.

The groundbreaking camera technology extends the possibilities of sports broadcasting. Sitting behind the visor, she transfers are residing images from the cockpit directly to the television screens. This is a world first among all FIA single-seater racing series.

The “Driver’s Behold” was presented in full for the first time in Santiago. The new technology expands the viewing experience with an intensive perspective and enables fans to experience every bump and every contact with the wall on the narrow street courses.


The FIA ​​homologated device is perfectly positioned on the protective padding in the inner lining of the helmet and sits exactly at the driver's eye level.

The Driver’s Behold camera has a diameter of 8 millimeters and a weight of only 2.5 grams. Together with the FIA ​​and the Groups, research was carried out for many months to optimize the finished product for the racing conditions.

In order to be on board for the next race with the Driver's Behold camera, switch on 15. February one for the CBMM NIOBIUM MEXICO CITY E-PRIX – www.FIAFormulaE .com / see / ways-to-see .

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