Chris Medland on Twitter: I’m an F1 and FIA apologist to rival any, however the dearth of a response – and by affiliation what looks to be a total lack of preparation for this very scenario – is beyond perception. Other team contributors occupy been told nothing thus far #F1


Are these of us if truth be told retarded?

THis is clearly a topic of insurance, F1 is watching for the Aussie authorities to call it off, that in and of themselves will put them 20 million dollars.

Insurance protection is irregular address that, they’d no longer quilt you yourselves cancelling due to the “fears” but will handiest quilt you in a scenario of power majeure. True now there is no power majeure but.

Within the occasion that they extinguish voluntarily and are no longer forced to theyll resolve on to just like the shit sandwich. Within the occasion that they’d extinguish now voluntarily right here they may presumably well ravishing a lot extinguish all races voluntarily, That can space a putrid precedent aswell. there is now 1 person in 1 team confirmed with the virus. If that is the celebrated they space themselves then they actually will resolve on to extinguish the general season. Some team contributors will undoubtely gain in unfortunate health.

F1 correct wants to resolve out be taught the blueprint to take the expose on the aspect road AND care for spectators put. Seemingly we can occupy to accrued occupy a dozen races without stay audiences this one year.

And who is going to pay the 800mil orso in prize moneys next one year that may presumably well presumably actually bankrupt Williams, Haas, Alfa, Alpha etc occupy been they no longer to occupy it?

Within the occasion that they occupy been to voluntarily extinguish it would possibly presumably well per chance be incredibly listless for all parties interesting bar public successfully being.

F1 will problably play this little game of rooster masses of situations this season until the authorities will call it off. They are able to not call it off themselves. Every bustle that they’d extinguish they’d successfully quit on ~50 mil of earnings. That can put a couple of f1 teams out of bussiness or nearly about out of exchange next one year.

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