Formula E and FIA decide to temporarily suspend the season


Foto: BMW
Photo: BMW

Formula E and the FIA ​​have announced that the season 2019 / 20 is temporarily suspended for two months as the current health crisis poses a challenge in organizing events in city centers

The decision, taken in consultation with the relevant local authorities, to temporarily suspend city races was taken as the most responsible measure as the coronavirus continues to spread and the World Health Organization COVID – 19 officially declared a pandemic.

Because the welfare of the operating staff, spectators and all of the championship staff is paramount, these precautions will limit the races during the set time frame.


The series introduces a flag system traditionally used in motorsport to determine different phases and time windows in which races can be reordered or left unchanged. Red stands for no races, yellow means that there are opportunities and green goes ahead as planned.

The months of March and April are marked with red flags, while May is currently categorized as a yellow flag and both June and July are given the green flag should Peril improve and stabilize.

As a result of the suspension, it will not be possible to drive in Paris, Seoul and Jakarta.

In cooperation with the FIA ​​and the local authorities at the respective event locations, Formula E will closely monitor Peril and examine possibilities for organizing and organizing races after the temporary suspension.

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