Okay I’ll work this out properly as I’m bored. Frequently f1 editions of bottles are quite extra costly so let’s trek along with them the put imaginable.

Mumm is £270 a bottle up to now as I would possibly maybe maybe well salvage they had been a sponsor except 2016 the put lewis had had 104 podiums so 104x£270 = £28,080

Carbon used to be $3000 (£2300) a bottle and backed f1 from 2017 to 2019. Lewis used to be on the podiums 47 instances on this generation so 47×2300 =£108,100

Moet is £76 a magnum at Selfridges and I couldn’t salvage an F1 bottle and this twelve months Lewis has had 5 podiums 5×75 =£380

28,080+108,000+380 = £136,460

I couldn’t be to figure out which occasions had been alcohol free and so forth but i calculate that Lewis has sprayed roughly £136,000 price of champagne right through his F1 podiums.

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