It comes from a deal that Bernie Ecclestone (feeble proprietor of F1) did relieve in the day with definite historical teams to frequently be definite that F1 saved going for a definite amount of time, because at that time F1 turned into as soon as struggling financially.

This Concorde Agreements relish been evolving, guaranteeing the participation of teams devour Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and RedBull for definite interval of time. As a “prize” for the teams for committing, they obtain extra cash which is seen a as a “Historic Prize” where Ferrari will get a dreary amount by collaborating as Williams and McLaren does.

For the fresh Concorde Settlement, this now being re-negotiated by Liberty Media (is the first one after they purchased F1) under they terms with the teams and the 9 teams desired to signal along with Mercedes that by their words “had been treated unfairly”, they as soon as in a while wanted that chunk of the “Historic Prize” without deserving it fully. It aloof unknown if they’re going to signal it, it’s presupposed to be a yes but it’s unclear.

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