I’m a small bit bit surprised to be doing this nevertheless thanks to the mods for asking me!

I’m Hazel Southwell, I’m a motorsport journalist and one amongst my tweets blew up here just a few weeks support, about the manner F1 media react to Verstappen talking about his dad. So the mods requested me to abolish this in an effort to devour a conversation about media coverage and devour, why things are the pretty messed up way they’re.

I’m make of (Taylor Swift explain) no longer your conventional F1 journalist in that this day I’m mostly a Intention E journalist – though I still abolish F1 stuff for Racefans.catch (and the F2 coverage there) and devour worked all around the distance all the way in which thru the sequence, as a journalist and in numerous PR and social media roles that I will’t notify that mighty about without a purple dot appearing on me and the NDA silencer going off.

Some stuff you might perhaps maybe maybe maybe need observed me doing, instead of being traumatic on the catch; I’m in And We Depart Green, the Intention E film documentary and I primitive to work with Electroheads on the Smedley-engineered karting they’re organising. And in most cases I in actuality write things, devour Intention E coverage for Inner Electric or contemporary-length things about going to Saudi Arabia on my devour and having a series of nervous breakdowns about it. Obviously, as it’s 2020, I’m on a podcast. I’m also the editor of Esports Verdict, which is launching rapidly. I attend myself busy…

I will discuss motorsport journalism, strategies to receive into it, strategies to receives a charge for it (no longer very mighty nevertheless…) and what it’s devour interviewing individuals, why motorsport coverage seems so queer when when put next with even mainstream sports media and yeah, what it’s devour being an LGBT girl in a world that in actuality isn’t ready for that. I’m a small bit of a box-ticking exercise of a human being in that I’m also autistic, as a entire bunch individuals in motorsport are and I don’t suggestions talking about that in the paddock context.

So, idk: quiz me something! Positively up for talking about what makes motorsport antagonistic to just a few individuals and how we can invent it greater and devour, strategies to juggle crippling imposter syndrome while making an strive to faux you’re completely magnificent/what to abolish must you’re the opposite facet of the field and having a predominant psychological properly being disaster and are making an strive to abolish media pen in three minutes. And why the media, particularly, have to cease courteously no longer citing the lack of diversity in the game as if it’s an immutable idea that we’re powerless to demand.

Or pleasant ‘why it is most real looking to never, ever, ever let a driver shake your hand after they receive off the rostrum’ and why a pair of slipper socks is largely the most absolute boss switch you might perhaps maybe maybe maybe additionally pull earlier than boarding a prolonged haul flight. Or strategies to receive around the field on a freelance funds without your spine falling out in a Ryanair seat. Or the cease 5 airline blankets to take hold of must you realise you haven’t introduced a scarf and it’s 3C at 2am in the UK. Wow, I lumber away out flying.

I’ll even acknowledge the ‘what’s the variation between Intention One and Intention E one’ one. As soon as. And sure I will discuss fans, what’s creepy and what’s no longer, why I despise that Sky milk bit…

I even devour a Twitter and am maybe the finest motorsport journalist on Tumblr, which is make of a rolling AMA.

I don’t suggestions essentially advise questions equipped you’re no longer devour, vastly offensive. But I even devour won an web argument with Lucas di Grassi, so whenever you occur to is probably going to be giving it out be ready to take hold of it…

Recede me questions and I’ll be support about 6pm BST to acknowledge!

Proof (that I will’t write with a pencil anymore lol) –

r/formula1 - Hi Reddit - I'm Hazel Southwell, motorsport journalist, AMA

(Which that you can perhaps maybe also additionally quiz me about strategies to receive that color of red I declare)

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