Turkey data absolute top collection of new cases since mid-June

Turkey recorded its absolute top collection of new coronavirus cases since mid-June. Yet any other 1,502 infections had been confirmed on Tuesday, taking the legit tally over 261,000.

Turkish Authorities Accused of Hiding Exact COVID-19 figures

The head of the Turkish Clinical Association in the capital Ankara accused the authorities of hiding the accurate numbers of COVID-19 cases and linked deaths, whereas doctors warned that hospitals are running out of beds as infections surge.

Karakoc mentioned that hospitals are stuffed with sufferers and there are now not enough beds left.

“Four of the pandemic hospitals in Ankara are already full. Folks are waiting in long queues. Each day, new clinics flip into pandemic services, nonetheless it’s now not enough,” he added.

Sinan Adıyaman, the president of Turkish Clinical Association, mentioned the pandemic changed into as soon as now “out of lift watch over”.

“The pandemic is out of lift watch over and the motive on the succor of right here is that pandemic that one and all measures had been lifted on June 1.

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