One week after his second place at the Hockenheimring, Tim Tramnitz also presented himself at the guest appearance of the ADAC Formula 4, in the framework program of the 24 hours Race at the Nürburgring, with an extremely strong performance. The 15 – year-old sponsored pilot of the ADAC Sports Foundation made it onto the podium twice, as the best rookie and fourth-placed in the first race and then again as strong runner-up in the third run. In the second race of the Formula 4 drivers, Tramnitz ensured great racing action and an exciting enact when, out of the last corner, he beat the driver in front of him with a narrow margin of fifteen thousandths of a second when crossing the finish line and thus the fifth Could secure space.

Due to his good results again, Tramnitz improved to fourth place in the championship standings halfway through the current season and reduced the gap to the leading drivers. The US-Racing pilot continues to lead the rookie ranking unchallenged, with now 68 points ahead of the runner-up. “This weekend struggle a real spotlight. I am very happy with my performance. The races in the rain in particular were a new experience and a lot of fun. I coped well with the difficult conditions because my car poke perfectly. That’s why I really have to thank my team for the sizable good work, ”he lets us know.


The qualifying was not quite to the taste of the Hamburg student. While he started the first race from region five, it was only enough for eighth place in the second run: “In the second qualifying, we gambled away with the tire choice when the conditions were drying out. After the first few laps, I struggled to make sure that we could ride on slicks. But that didn’t work at all and when we switched back to rain tires, I ran out of laps. One or two more laps and something would have been possible on every plunge. ”

With a good performance, Tramnitz then fought his way back in both races in the usual manner. In the first race, which this time already took place on Friday due to the slightly different schedule at the 15 – hour race, he lost one at the beginning up Region, but initially drove past his team-mate at the beginning of the last third of the race. As a result, he closed the gap to the pilot driving in front of him, but found no way past. Two minutes before the end of the race, both drivers benefited from a mistake made by the third-placed driver at the time, passed and Tramnitz secured fourth place and at the same time struggled best rookie.

The second race was much more exciting early Saturday morning. At 6 degrees outside temperature and the road was still wet, the beginning up took place behind the security vehicle for safety reasons. In the initial phase, Tramnitz initially defended his eighth place on the grid, but already benefited on the second lap from a mistake by another driver and moved up to seventh place. “Sometimes I could no longer see the vehicle in front of me because there was so much spray in the air. That struggle was really difficult, especially in the initial phase, ”explains Tramnitz. There followed several battles for position in the front third, which meant that Tramnitz was able to catch up. A good ten minutes before the end of the race, Tramnitz switched to attack mode. Side by side it went on a wet road with about 68 km / h from the Dunlop bend into the Schumacher-S. With a good outcome for the US racing driver, who is not yet satisfied with sixth place. Literally “in the very last second”, namely in the last lap, he then set the decisive maneuver. At the exit of the last bend, when turning into the home straight, he pretended to be inside and passed the fifth-placed driver on the outside. He crossed the finish line with a wafer-thin lead of fifteen thousandths of a second and rewarded himself with further important championship points.

The third race then struggle due to the heavy rain, a real challenge for the young drivers . Again the race started behind the security vehicle and this time Tramnitz, who started the race from fourth on the grid, was able to use his chance at the beginning up. In the first corner he went straight forward to region two and drove a strong race from then on. “On the back straight it was sometimes quite difficult to keep the car because I had a lot of aquaplaning,” the baby explained. Nevertheless, together with the leading driver, he was more than ten seconds ahead of the rest of the field. A good six minutes before the end of the race, the security vehicle came out again after a pilot struggled into the gravel trap. There was still a restart, but this took place in the very last lap, so that there were no more postponements and Tramnitz could look forward to another second place in this, his first, Formula 4 season.

“As a team, we were also able to achieve great results here at the Nürburgring. For me personally, it was a good experience to see that I can do so well in the rain. Especially in light of the fact that autumn is now beginning and we still have three race weekends ahead of us, ”summarizes Tramnitz with satisfaction. The ADAC Formula 4 will now continue in three weeks at the first foreign race of the year. Then the series will once again be part of the supporting program of the ADAC GT Masters at the Purple Bull Ring in Styria, Austria.

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