There could be this interview where Murray Walker gave the following tale about that weekend:

At my closing wander, the US GP in 2001, after qualifying I used to be ushered alongside to the Williams pit and there were Bernie, several of the personnel bosses and proper relating to the entire drivers. It used to be a honest attempting surprise and a coronary heart-warming occasion. Amid much hilarity Tony Jardine, who used to be running the complaints, gave every driver a card which they had to be taught out, with a ramification of errors I used to be alleged to have made. When it got right here to be Michael’s flip his card said: ‘Here comes Michael Schumacher, son of Ralf Schumacher.’ Of direction I’d no doubt not, ever said one thing so daft. Michael appeared at the cardboard and said, ‘What’s that this? I don’t perceive. Ralf is my brother, not my father.’ Afterwards he said to me, ‘The meeting this afternoon, it used to be in your honour ?”Yes, Michael, it used to be,’ I spoke back. ‘Nonetheless they were making fun of you. Is that your English sense of humour ?”Yes, Michael, I train it’s miles.’ He appeared at me and said, ‘Oh. Oh, I seek.’ Nonetheless plainly he didn’t.

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