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Gilles Villeneuve

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That left entrance tire is at such an irregular perspective.

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They ran particular camber again in the days, which is the opposite of what you might search for on celebrated automobiles.

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The Alfa 158 ran a trailing arm entrance suspension, equivalent to most off avenue buggy/autos on the present time. It enables more more movement than modify arms

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Kimi Räikkönen

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And earlier than goggles existed, one needed to own two sets of eyeballs.

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Juan Pablo Montoya

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I deem jockeys mute create this on dirt/clay tracks.

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Daniel Ricciardo

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Niki Lauda

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Guiseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo 158), 1st voice, leads Luigi Fagioli (Alfa Romeo 158), 2nd voice, movement. Silverstone, England. 11-13 Could well perhaps perhaps additionally 1950. World Copyright – LAT Photographic


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Imagine the shit being thrown into your mouth

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Dan Gurney

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Silverstone, 1950.

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Successfully hey there Mr Paddy McGuinness

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Hundreds of bruised fingers in these days

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