For all present drivers performances versus their teammates, click right here.

I’ve compiled the records for every world champion help to Lauda for how they performed versus their teammates. For present drivers, the records is gorgeous up to the 2020 Portugese Mountainous Prix. I’ve listed the portray vs every teammate (which driver performed ahead) as well to the frequent ending situation vs every teammate. Drivers are listed within the give an explanation for they obtained championships, with the latest first.

Every drivers had to glean in a Mountainous Prix for that bound to be added to this knowledge. Every bound the build one or each drivers had a DNF, DNS, DNQ, or DSQ has been brushed off, as well to all races the build the motive force used to be classified but did now no longer glean the bound. Clearly some races are tormented by incidents corresponding to contact or a slack pit cease, but I did now no longer streak up to now as leaving those races out because it leaves some room for interpretation.

Edit: There’s a mistake within the Rosberg numbers. He used to be -2.75 vs Webber, now no longer +2.75. This also brings his overall life like appropriate down to +0.81. My apologies. Due to u/fisstech15 for pointing it out

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