This go will seemingly be in F1 for just a few years, there’ll seemingly be no hobby and reward will switch on. Finest races that dwell long are the normal ones and enable us to hope this could well perchance also very neatly be the identical over again. That is my hope.

We had many worldwide locations which had races and after just a few years there used to be no hobby and F1 moved away, devour Turkey, India, Korea etc.

Peaceful it is factual that we as fans yelp that we don’t desire it. What FIA does is their grief. They beget to dwell with it, not we.

Hope on the least they ranking out a astronomical load of cash from them to make F1 go there. That on the least comes encourage to us fans when it blueprint F1 is valid and makes income, because it blueprint we now beget F1 for a long time in the futue. In any other case it could well maybe maybe perchance be ridicilous if Saudi Arabia is not paying basically the most money that has ever been paid to ranking an F1 go. Idea Abu Dhabi can pay 40 million $ or pound to make F1 reach. They could aloof beget said Saudi Arabia could well perchance also aloof pay 100 for F1 to reach encourage. And on the least 50 million dollar. Because F1 doesn’t beget any advantage going there, factual money.

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