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Lewis Hamilton

26 capabilities · 3 hours ago

When did the restrict on desire of of us in the pit, come into location?

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10 capabilities · 3 hours ago

lmao I believed you intended Ferrari had two robust of us doing all your total pitstop

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Alfa Romeo

4 capabilities ·

2 hours ago

So extra

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9 capabilities · 3 hours ago

How used to be that allowed?

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20 capabilities · 3 hours ago

Presumably attributable to it is put together?

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2 capabilities · 2 hours ago

Right aged times

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Pirelli Tough

1 level · 1 hour ago

Man, pre-Recession fuck you attitude from FIAT and the final of tobacco money having to be spent.

You adore and hate to leer it.

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Charles Leclerc

1 level · 27 minutes ago

I am hoping we win to leer the Nurburgring GP one more time in the prolonged plod, it is one amongst my favourite tracks. This year’s plod wasn’t half of unhealthy either.

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-1 capabilities · 3 hours ago

Ferrari has by no device been the most…economical

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1 level · 11 minutes ago

It be now no longer a long way off the desire of of us aged for one car pit discontinue now

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