Trouble brewing at Mercedes as Daimler and Lewis Hamilton fail to reach an agreement on the new contract extension. Apparently, the deadlock has been in operation all the way back since November, and no side seams to be backing off their terms. Here are Lewis Hamilton’s demands which apparently do not correspond to his employers’, reports Motorsport.com.

Firstly, the driver’s salary has been one of the major issues as the Britton demands £35.5 million a year which is, in Daimler’s view, considering the alternatives, a bit too much. They have been reportedly questioning Hamilton’s demands, as to why would they spend so much money on a world-class driver, when they have got a rising star in the making of George Russell.

Secondly, Mercedes earned about £130 million for winning Constructors’ Championship this year. Apparently, Hamilton would like a piece of that pie as well, as he demands 10 per cent for himself, for the deal to go ahead.

Thirdly, Hamilton would like to be gifted one of their upcoming, limited-production AMG One cars. And finally, he would like to be offered a role that goes beyond being a driver. What that is, remains a secret for now. But rumour has it that he’d like to be part of the Silver Arrows’ approach into electric transition.

Furthermore, Daimler seems to be pressuring Lewis through George Russell, who is a prime candidate for the seat if the agreement indeed won’t be reached, as the saga is sure to be continued.


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Tim Kodermac


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