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07. 08. 2019

With his march for the biggest historic Formula 2 event in Europe. True to style, part of the field was housed in the historic pit area. “For me it was the first time that I saw the track again after the extensive conversion,” Kaufmann said. “Therefore, the partly new route was exciting at first.” (***********************************************************************************************) With more than 50 Historic Formula 2 vehicles, the Silverstone Classic event was extremely busy. Qualifying to determine the starting grid was satisfactory. “In between, I was able to drive up to seventh place, but in the end, four more competitors were faster on the lap.” So sixth row for the first race of the weekend. And that should at least confirm all the British prejudices from the weather, because it poured from big buckets. “That was not so easy in the middle of the field with the rain,” said Kaufmann. “At the top, the visibility was good, but in the middle of the spray it was rather a big challenge not to fly off.” So Kaufmann acted carefully and did not risk too much with the historical material. Nevertheless, things went well and (*******************************************************************************************) Rounds crossed the March (*****************************************************************************) the finish line is in an excellent 7th place. (*********************************************************************************)Display

On Sunday, it looked again after a wet race, and wet fog crept over the track. But many years of racing experience and a look into the sky let Kaufmann still rely on profileless racing slicks. On wet track, the start was initially difficult and went with lost space, but the courageous tactics should rise. The asphalt dried up faster and faster, Kaufmann could safely turn up and drive back to the front. Nevertheless, the engagement should not be rewarded. Two laps to go Kaufmann had to park his March racing car on P5 with a technical defect. “A thread on the suspension has ripped out, it also a rim and the tire were damaged. Unfortunately, I had to park the car at the edge of the track, “Wolfgang Kaufmann explained the reason for the crash.

Nevertheless, there was a positive conclusion. “Overall, it was a very relaxed event with many spectators and great races. The cohesion in the Formula 2 paddock was great and many mechanics from the wedding of these vehicles were there and I had many interesting conversations. “

Next use of the March (***********************************************************************************************) Be Zandvoort. From the 5th to the 8th In September Wolfgang Kaufmann will start on the dune course directly on the Dutch North Sea coast.

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