Van Amersfoort set to win at home, league leaders Théo Pourchaire and his pursuers Arthur Leclerc, Dennis Hauger and Co. are battling for the title of half time champion: Curtain up for the next round of ADAC Formula 4. Only two weeks left After the races in Formula One at Hockenheim, ADAC's high-speed school in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, continues its journey.

Arthur Leclerc ( where he left off in Hockenheim: With a win. “It was amazing to be at the top of the podium and to hear the hymn. That may occur more often, “says the Race in Zandvoort. I am in very good shape, so it is perfect that there is not a long break between Hockenheim and Zandvoort. “


Thanks to its consistency, the “little” Leclerc has put himself in a good position in the fight for the championship. Except in the first race of the season in Oschersleben he scored in each race and has been on the podium three times. Only Theo Pourchaire ((******************************************************), France, US Racing) is currently even better, he has eleven more than Leclerc. “It's going very well right now, I'm not making much mistakes. I feel comfortable at the top of the table and of course I do not want to leave this place, “says Pourchaire, who like Leclerc drives for the US Racing CHRS team of Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar.

“I've never raced at Zandvoort, but I'll test in the simulator. The layout I like the track very well, “says the 17 – yearlings. Pourchaire is not alone – for all the drivers of the ADAC Formula 4, the track in the dunes of the North Sea coast meant new territory. The sand and the often changing weather are an additional challenge for the teams and the drivers. “Gravel beds and walls are close, which makes it more interesting for us drivers,” says Niklas Krütten (16), Trier, Van Amersfoort Racing): “You simply have more adrenalin in your body.”

In Zandvoort the season races rise nine to eleven. For the first time the Frenchman Hadrien David ( the Nürburgring for Team R-ace GP. After the tenth round on Sunday morning it is clear who is the half-time champion of the ADAC Formula 4. Best chances are Pourchaire, but Leclerc, Dennis Hauger ((********************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing), Niklas Krütten and Co. want to challenge the Frenchman for this title. “I am very motivated,” says the ADC Sports Foundation.

The (**************************************************************************************************************) , Israel), the German Lucas Alecco Roy (22, lives in Monaco) and Sebastian Estner ((*****************************), Warngau) for the Dutch racing team Van Amersfoort Racing, for whom the race weekend in Zandvoort is a real home game. The team headquarters in Zeewolde is only a short distance 200 kilometers away. “I've raced here myself in the 70 years, it's very special to return to the roots,” says team boss Frits van Amersfoort.

The ADAC Formula 4 returns to Zandvoort for the first time since its premiere in the year 2016. At the time, today's ADAC GT Masters driver Mike David Ortmann (Ahrensfelde) won a race. In addition, the later champions Joey Mawson (Australia) and Kami Laliberte from Canada Van Amersfoort Racing brought two victories. This is to be repeated on the return of this weekend. “We will have a strong team and of course we want to go on the podium,” says van Amersfoort.

SPORT1 transmits the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on TV, they can be seen online at SPORT1.de, adac.de/motorsport, youtube.com/adac and on the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4.

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