My first car was a 1982 Honda Civic with 2 on the floor and 68 hp. Had to plan ahead if I had a full car and a big hill in front of me. lol Thing was a tank that I raced on ice, rallied and hit a tree running from the popo and it kept going. That will always be my favorite car ever.

So a Honda fan was born. Saved up and bought an Integra first day of sale in North America. Saved again to see Senna and Prost power the Honda/McLarens at the 1989 Monaco GP.

I have been back and forth in between Honda and Mercedes since. So I was very happy to see this little hidden nod to company history.

This is apparently one of four variations

Open up the console, take everything out, see the little tag… pull it and this is on the bottom.




Those would be etchings of: the Honda RC166 motorcycle featuring Jim Redman, a six-time Grand Prix world champion; and the McLaren Honda MP4/4, picturing the legendary Aryton Senna.

I am not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but it really looks like Senna’s profile in the car.

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