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FIA Formula 3 Championship

17. 07. 2019

But that should change for the Sauber Junior driver at the fourth round of the FIA ​​Formula 3. “Silverstone is something very special. At every corner you can feel the history of motorsport. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to start here “, he (*************************************************************************************************) -. years

What level of difficulty the 5 th Lirim Zendeli summarizes as follows: “Even though I was very meticulously prepared for my task in theory, this weekend I had to admit that there is still a lot coming up for me. Silverstone is anything but easy to drive. Here it is clearly important that you have very good track knowledge and that your timing is right. “(***************************************************************************************)Display

The Sauber Junior driver put fifth in the first free practice a huge exclamation point, so all his expectations with space “Although I was able to increase my lap time by just under a second in qualifying, I felt that my timing was not quite right. I could have taken more time out there. But this is clearly a question of experience on this circuit, “the youngster analyzes the situation.

The laws in the race, however, look very different. Once again, Lirim Zendeli showed his skills. “In races, I have the gift of being able to assess the situation well – and not to start hasty maneuvers. Instead, my credo is: learning, tacting and starting the overtaking maneuver at the right moment. This time I have learned a lot again. If you're faster than your frontman, it does not automatically mean that you can just overtake him. Because due to the fast cornering combinations, you lose a lot of downforce in Silverstone as a backer (contact pressure – mechanical grip) – so attacking is very difficult. So far, I only knew about the downforce phenomenon in theory. But feeling it myself was a completely new experience for me, “explains Lirim Zendeli.

By place (*************************************************************************************************) in his first race, the Sauber Junior driver placed his Formula 3 car in ninth place in race two. Then Zendeli says: “I found my rhythm getting better and better and I was able to implement what I had learned. The race was just terrific. That was great fun for me. For that, I would like to thank everyone in the team, my partners and my parents. I can not wait for the Hungaroring. Even though I missed it by a hair's breadth when I finished ninth, I am in the right place (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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