FIA Formula 3 Championship

15. 07. 2019

With the first victory in the FIA ​​Formula 3 Championship in the back, HWA Racelab competed for the home game of Spielberg hero Jake Hughes at Silverstone. The Briton started on Saturday from tenth place in the first of the two 200 – minute races. As usual this season, he had a good start and made a good position. As the race progressed, it was difficult for Jake to move forward. When he came to a fast racing pace, he was slowed down first by a virtual, then by a longer real safety car phase. When in round to secure ninth place. This was achieved by concentrated driving Jake, which earned him and HWA Racelab two more points in the championship standings.

A very good race was first driven by Bent Viscaal (NL). From position (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************) **************************). But the safety car also stopped the Dutch catching up quickly. He had to slow down for five laps. After the race was released, he did not get the same pace as before. Bent finally fell back to rank (**************************************************************************************)Display

Keyvan Andres (IR) also got into the race quickly and fought his way from the starting grid (*******************************************************************************************). In the end, he also could not hold the pace from the beginning and drove as over the finish line.

Unfortunately, Sunday was for the three young HWA Racelab pilots. Jake Hughes initially lost a place at the start, but soon after benefited from yesterday's winners Yuri Vips (Hitech Grand Prix) and moved back to ninth. In lap six, he had to relegate to ninth place, to the points, the top eight was a gap. Little by little, Jake managed to get closer to the coveted top positions with a constant pace. Again, Vips went off track and Jake took back ninth place from him. In the process of reconquering his position, Vips went in the Round to aggressive before. He tried to pull in the curve inside, but cut Jake off the road, which was on the ideal line and levered his vehicle with the front tire. Jake was catapulted from the track, his race was over.

Keyvan Andres and Bent Viscaal bravely tried to make up ground from their back positions but were unlucky. Keyvan made a jump of rank (******************************************************************) , but that soon proved worthless. In the opinion of the race management his starting position after the formation lap was not compliant. Keyvan was given a ten-second stop-and-go penalty, so he had to drive from there to the field. He came as 25. at the finish.

The started from place , He braked and had to dodge from the track into the green. The Dutchman dropped back to rank (****************************************************************************************) was not in it for him that day.

Quotes for the race weekend

Bent Viscaal (22, NL, # 10), Space 22 and 20: “A disappointing result for me here. The positive is: the potential for a better result was definitely there, that was visible on both days. But it should not be. We will fight back at the Hungaroring. “

Jake Hughes (16, GB, # I did not manage to get the absolute top results this time, but I'll learn the lessons. Above all, I have to learn from my mistakes in qualifying to have a better starting position again next time. So the races were not easy. And then I was shot down today by another driver. At least I got points on Saturday. I am sure that I will find my way back to my form of the first races. “

Keyvan Andres (21), IR, # 12), Space 21 and me and for the team. The racing pace was basically there and the development of the car continues to be positive. But in the first race it turned out that it is not easy to overtake here. And today I got an unjustified stop-and-go penalty in my opinion, so my race was over. “

Thomas Strick, Team Principal HWA Racelab: “The weekend here at Silverstone could have been better, no question. But I can not blame the boys. All three drove courageously, and sometimes mistakes happen. They are young pilots who will learn from it. I am sure that they will give us a lot of pleasure. Jake was unlucky today. He had to end his race without any fault of his own. In the end, as a new team we scored points again and that's what counts. “

The next races of the FIA ​​Formula 3 Championship will take place on the 3rd and 4th of August at the Hungaroring.

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