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For the first time since The first half of the season ended with the first race on Saturday. With the second race on Sunday, BWT Mücke Motorsport driver Nico Göhler started the second half with his strongest result so far. The 16 – Yearlings became on the challenging dune course seventh and second best rookie. In addition, the German made in the first race another leap into the top ten. Team-mate Dürksen also scored in the second race.

With the seventh place in the second race, Göhler, who has learned a lot in the course of his first Formula season and ripened as a driver, himself made the biggest gift. For him it was off the grid (*********************************************************************************************************) into the race, so he made six positions well. “After the initial phase, I kept up the pace of the leaders,” summarizes the German. “As a result, I broke away from my pursuers quite early and found a connection to the drivers in front of me.” For a long time Göhler was in eighth place and had by the “reverse grid” rule the pole position for the last run in mind. Göhler was also aware of that. “It was clear to me that I was on pole. But in the end, it was better to double seventh. On the one hand there were more championship points and on the other hand you have better traction on the inside lane in Zandvoort. “Dürksen rounded off the strong result, also made up six places and finished tenth.


The Paraguayan Dürksen had less luck in the first and last race of the weekend. “I unfortunately had a technical problem in the first race and could not finish it”, said the 16 – year-old. “That was a shame, because the performance and pace were really good.” In the last race, there was a collision, which meant after a strong catch-up the premature end of the race for Dürksen. “The good thing is that I had the speed to get ahead. In addition, I have learned a great deal again, “summed up the Paraguayan. Göhler fought his way into the first race (****************************************************************************************************) on the tenth rank forward. The last race ended the German in twelfth position.

Already next weekend, it will continue for the junior pilots of BWT Mücke Motorsport. As part of the fifth season station, the Berlin team will be racing to the Nürburgring, where they will win the only victory of the season (**************************************************************************) has entered the ADAC Formula 4.

Frank Lucke (Team Leader Formula 4): “We have a Zandvoort a little under value. There would definitely have been more points. There was a lot of rain sessions, which was a special challenge for our rookies. To shine under such conditions requires some experience. Both Nico Göhler and Joshua Dürksen did a good job of doing that. Especially Nico impressed us. With seventh he has achieved his best result so far. He also scored well in the rookie classification in all three races. With Joshua, the timing did not quite work out in qualifying. He got into traffic. The grid is half the battle in Zandvoort, so it was clear that it would not be easy for him. Nonetheless, both have a good pace and the shape and learning curve is also up. ”

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