Foto: ACI Sport S.p.A. a socio unico
Photo: ACI Sport SpA a socio unico

Championship to book. The traditional rider from Berlin traveled to the Red Bull Ring with William Alatalo and the three rookies Joshua Dürksen, Nico Göhler and Erwin Zanotti. The goal was to consolidate third place in the team classification. For Dürksen it was also about keeping the lead in the rookie rating. (********************************************************************************************************)

The first race at the Red Bull Ring on Saturday evening was a complete success for BWT Mücke Motorsport. Joshua Dürksen was third on the podium and also secured second place among the rookies. He started from seventh and already made up ground in the early stages of the race. Finally, third place went to Dürksen safely

Team-mate William Alatalo, on the other hand, had a relentless rival in the closing stages of the race. The Finn defended his fourth place and thus set his best result of the season. Motorsport newcomer Erwin Zanotti struggled from the grid down to rank front. Behind him came Nico Göhler in the finish, who lost several positions by a spin. The rookie came too far out in the last corner before the start-finish straight to score a notch. He caught his car after the spin and was able to continue without damage. (*********************************************************************************************************)

In the second race on Sunday morning, Alatalo clinched the best result of BWT Mücke Motorsport in fifth. Göhler drove to the rookie podium and took place in the overall result (*******************************************************************************************). Dürksen, starting from ninth, fell far behind when he was forced off the track by a competitor. He ran up to Zanotti, who lost control of his car due to a creeping flatfoot. There was an unfortunate collision between the two teammates and they were eliminated. (********************************************************************************************************)

The mechanics of BWT Mücke Motorsport repaired both cars for the third race on late Sunday afternoon. Dürksen gave the team another rookie podium and finished eighth in the overall result. Alatalo also came in sixth with a strong result. Göhler and Zanotti came in the positions (*************************************************************************************) and

In the drivers' standings of the Italian F4 Championship Dürksen takes a strong fourth place, Alatalo is sixth. Dürksen is in the rookie ranking (************************************************************************************) points ahead of the runner-up in the lead. BWT Mücke Motorsport takes third place in the team ranking.

It continues for BWT Mücke Motorsport in the ADAC Formula 4. With the season highlight – the race weekend in the context of Formula 1 in Hockenheim (29. 07 .- 28. (*********************************************************). In the Italian Formula 4, however, the race-free time begins. Only from August to 1 September is the next season station in Imola.

Frank Lucke (Formula 4 Team Leader): “Erwin had a creeping flat-foot in race two, and he wanted to make it to the finish line, but unfortunately he lost control of the car in an unlucky moment, just as Joshua was behind him, Joshua tried to dodge, but it did not work, both cars were damaged and we had a lot of work to rebuild them for race 3. Thanks to the mechanics, they did a great job apart from the slip-up, Erwins shows Nico, who used the summer break in the ADAC Formula 4 for launches in the Italian counterpart, has gained valuable experience and Joshua and William have achieved great results for the team. ”

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