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Photo: HWA

GB) in morning practice with his Venturi VFE – (*************************************************************************************************************) landed in the wall. The team then did hard work to make the vehicle race ready again. And the effort was worth it. With a strong qualifying, the DTM champion placed ninth, and even faster was team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne. The Belgian made it to the Super Pole for the fifth time this season with the second-fastest time of the year, once again setting a highlight for HWA Racelab in the port of Brooklyn. In the shootout of the six best pilots Stoffel finally landed on fifth place.

Stoffel attacked in the first minutes of the race towards the podium and conquered fourth in lap four shortly before a safety car phase. However, the HWA Racelab pilots soon had problems with the energy management, the high temperatures of the Degrees made the cars harder to handle than expected. Gary slipped out of the top He gradually fell back to tenth place. (**************************************************************************)Display

The hoped for point success at the end was now in danger. But Stoffel kept his position focused until the last lap of the race, before the luck of the capable ones helped the HWA Racelab pilots. A few meters before the finish line, a collision occurred in the field in front of the two. Stoffel and Gary passed by and crossed the finish line in eighth and tenth. This brought the two pilots HWA Racelab to the conclusion of a double point success. With a total of 44 Points it is the most successful rookie team in Formula E history so far.

Highlights of (*************************************************************************************************************) races were the podium place of Stoffel Vandoorne in Rome and his pole position in Hong Kong. A total of seven times he and Gary Paffett landed in the Super Pole. In addition, Stoffel decided in twelve of (*******************************************************************************************************) Round up the fanboost voting for yourself. In season 6, the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team takes the place of HWA Racelab.

Quotes about the race (and the season) (*********************************************************** Stoffel Vandoorne ( # 8), # 8: “It's really nice that we ended the season with a double point win for the team. We have earned this after a busy season for each individual. We started this project from scratch a few months ago, so congratulations to the whole team for the rapid development that we have made over the season. Sometimes it was tough, but it was about preparing for the future and that's the most important thing. Now I'm looking forward to a little break, we've all earned it now. “(************************ Gary Paffett ((****************************************************************************************************), GB, # (***********************************************************************************************)), Space I am very happy with our last race. After a good start, I was able to defend 12th place despite the temperature problems we had. Due to the collision at the end I won two more places and finished the race in the points. It's great to finish the season like this. “(*********************************************************************************************) Ulrich Fritz, Team Principal HWA Racelab: “We had a good start and kept out of all difficulties. For some reason, we had temperature issues, lost energy, and could not keep up with the others. Therefore we can with P8 and P (*******************************************************************************************************************************************) It was also the last race in Formula E for HWA Racelab. Together we have learned a lot as a team. It was a great trip with some setbacks but also many highlights. I'm really proud of the team and what we've achieved over the past few months. I can only thank everyone for the incredible effort that has been done by everyone. In season six we will be back with the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team and we are really looking forward to it. ”

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