They absolutely did not pay €8.65M for Albon to race FR2.0 for one season, while purportedly spending slightly more on five years for Aleshin or Sainz. I’m willing to bet the rest of the numbers are also taken from thin air; this also doesn’t account for the personal sponsors of the drivers, as some numbers might be in the right ballpark in you discount them. Considering the number for Verstappen is close to what you’d have paid for a season in F3, they may have done just that – even though RB only waltzed in later on with an offer for a seat in F1. Sure, they’ve spent a lot on their young drivers over the years, but without any mention of source or methodology, this graph isn’t trustworthy in the slightest. If they had a solid methodology, showing all RB drivers in a table would be interesting, but not like this.

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