The drift in suzuka ‘14 FP was insane. The JEV’s reaction afterwards makes it.

Note: This was his first outing I believe, in a F1 car at the age of 17 (turned 17 a week before). He got the seat in a FP for his super license points(x many KM’s in a F1 car gives you x amount of points). Also as a way for the team to get to know Max and vice versa. He was told to take it easy and did in fact not take it easy, as you can see. At the time Mercedes/Toto didn’t want to give him a seat just yet, because he was definitely too young still(Toto’s words). Jos and co. therefore knocked in/on the next door and the rest is history!

Edit: not a mechanic but the guy who was replaced by Max. Could you imagine being him?

Edit: 2014, not 2015. Fucking time flies..?!

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