Kvyat asked if Albon’s “good start” at Red Bull in Spa would reflect well on him too: “I don’t know why you’d call it such a good start, he was stuck for 36 laps behind me. In a Red Bull…” #F1


Yeah, it’s hard to judge right now. Albon did well in a top car on a track that is very good for overtaking. But he still couldn’t beat McLaren on merit, once again, in a top car in Spa. On the other hand, Gasly couldn’t get points in his first race for RB and was stuck behind a Toro Rosso.

Kvyat did better in Belgium imo and he can be a bit cheeky given the whole story. Anyway, Albon has a new engine, no penalties for Monza and Max will start from the back. Perfect conditions to properly evaluate Alex’s pace.

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