Nico Rosberg has been pretty critical of Verstappen the past week, while he praised him the entire year, saying he was the best driver in F1. What does Max think about his sudden change in opinion?

– I don’t give a damn what he says on his channels anyway. I think he’s the new Jacques Villeneuve. Villeneuve has changed quite a bit by now, but it seems as if Rosberg is now always trying to express a contrary opinion. Maybe he wants to attract viewers or something? He does it a lot. At the beginning of this year he called me a narcissist. That’s very extreme

– He’s got no charisma, and he doesn’t get to work anywhere. That is also his problem. Maybe he wants to make money with his Youtube channel. But he would have been better off driving on, then he could have made a lot more money.

(Translated with DeepL.)

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