Foto: Michael Jurtin
Photo: Michael Jurtin

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05. 09. 2019

Venue of the ninth and tenth BOSS Grand Prix After the TT Circuit in Assen, the Automotodrom Brno is followed by another famous motorcycling circuit. The second largest city in the Czech Republic is also hosting the Big Open Single Seater in the anniversary season. The track at the western outskirts is the longest in the BOSS with 5 km GP race calendar Fast and fluid to moving curves alternate with a technically demanding part. The engine power is also crucial, because on the Czech roller coaster it goes steeply uphill in the last third of the way. (*************************** (***********************************************************************************************) 100 Points – are there for the win per race – are at the four outstanding BOSS GP races still to be awarded. Before the races in the Czech Republic and the season finale with the comeback race in Imola ((******************************************************************************************). and Phil Stratford (USA, Penn Elcom). Should Gerstl continue his winning streak of three successes en suite, Salzburg will miss the fifth BOSS GP title in the OPEN class in Toro Rosso STR1. (**************************************************************************************************) A more exciting title fight brings us the FORMULA class, which presents itself this year more varied and lively than ever. Alessandro Bracalente (ITA, Speed ​​Center) and Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) are the hottest irons in the fire, only nine points separate the two. Outsider chances still have Andreas Fiedler (DEU, Fiedler Racing) and Philippe Haezebrouck (FRA, Speed ​​Center), who in the BOSS GP summer break In addition, the fast Monegassen bring Marc Faggionato and Nicolas Matile with their guest start. We remember: Faggionato won both races in the previous year. (*********************************************************************************************! In addition to the headliner BOSS GP, there will also be other racing series from Thursday to Sunday: i.a. Sports Car and P9 Challenge, Drexler Formula Cup, ESET V4 Cup with TCR, Suzuki Swift Cup Europe and historic racing classes (HAIGO). The weekend ticket for ten- and eight-cylinder droning costs (**************************************************************************************************) (= 12 Euro) at the box office.

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