Foto: Red Bull Content Pool / Ferrari
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Ferrari

(*************************************************************************************************************************): (***************************************************************) (Live on RTL) meets the German national football team in the context of the “European Qualifiers” in Hamburg to the Netherlands. The first leg against archrival had won the DFB-Elf in March 3-2 surprisingly. Also the Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel and the Dutchman Max Verstappen are big football fans. In the RTL interview, both bet on a 3: 1, each for their own national team. Germany vs. Holland: who wins?

Verstappen: “Usually Holland. Before that, of course, Germany won, but I think we will win now. 3: 1 by Van Dijk, Depay and maybe Promes. “(*************************** Vettel: “3: 1 for Germany. Werner scores three goals. ”

What's special about Germany versus Holland? (************************************************************** Verstappen: “That has always been so. I have no idea. When I was at home with my friends, it has always been such a fight. “(*************************************************************************************************)Display

Vettel: “Not a bad answer, has always been like that. It's inherited, we can not help it. ” Who is the better footballer of you? Verstappen: I think Seb. I have not played that much football, not even in the last three years. “(************************************************************* Vettel: I'm not a gifted footballer, but I think I play a bit more often. My friends call me the Terrier because I always run around everywhere. ”

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