Many were unsure of whether the regulations would work to bring about close racing with battling up and down the field, and seeing the Mercedes domination has somewhat dampened the response to these regulations, but I think these regulations have done their job very well.

In 2017 and 2018, races were won in qualifying and following close behind another car would rubbish the tyres within a matter of 5-7 laps, and that’s assuming one had the pace to stay close behind, which used to require at least a 1 second a lap delta, and closer to 3 in Hungary and Monaco.

Comparatively, in 2019, we’ve seen no less than 5 occasions in which drivers followed close behind each other and battled all race long for the podium places alone (Monaco, Canada, Austria, Silverstone, Italy) and great battles in the midfield at a handful of other races. It’s been a joy to watch the racing this season, even if Mercedes has run away with the championship. The tyres can hold up and the aero regulations allow for battling on track and I just hope the Ferraris and Red Bulls are quicker next year because the battles will almost certainly be epic.

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