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Article Headline: Ferrari: do the new high-load cars relaunch Vettel?

In Singapore the team of the Prancing Horse brings an important aerodynamic package for high load: have been revised front and rear wing, bottom and extractor. In Maranello they are counting on approaching Mercedes and Red Bull also in the citizen of Marina Bay and Seb could benefit from it.

After the two victories of Spa and Monza with Charles Leclerc, Ferrari brings to Singapore an important aerodynamic package from high load in the hope of giving continuity to the results also on a track like that of Marina Bay in which the SF90 should return to suffer as it did in Hungary.

Enrico Cardile and the aerodynamic leader David Sanchez have launched many new features to increase the downforce in an attempt to reduce the lack of grip in slow corners that penalizes the Red.

The goal is to reduce the gap from Mercedes and Red Bull in the knowledge that everything that has been found positive can be reported on the car 2020 that is emerging on the same rules this season.

Nobody feels like predicting brilliant performance, but there is the awareness of having worked hard on the Red to avoid the petty figure remedied at Hungaroring.

At tomorrow’s scrutineering Ferrari will bring a new front wing with different profiles capable of giving greater vertical thrust, thus helping to first send the front tires to temperature in the hope of making them work in the right window of use.

Obviously the team of the Prancing Horse does not abdicate the outwash philosophy (bring the flows outside the front wheel), but tries to give more stability to the front in the hope of reducing the congenital understeer.

Having a more loaded front end will allow the technicians to balance the single-seater with a more incident rear wing that will also benefit from some interventions in the extractor. Changes are also planned in the background, particular that during the season has not always given what in Maranello had seen at the CFD and in the wind tunnel.

The changes should also allow a slightly different center of aerodynamic pressure that would meet the driving needs of Sebastian Vettel.

The German likes a single-seater with a well planted rear axle (he was the driver who better than anyone else had been able to exploit the blown exhausts) and the news should go in that direction, facilitating the “awakening” of the four-time world champion who at Monza ran into a serious error at the Ascari Variant: he ended up spinning while he was alone after losing the rear axle.

In Singapore Ferrari will have the opportunity to evaluate the fruit of the work done and during the weekend it will be clear if the team of the Prancing Horse can aspire to a third win of the season, maybe in Sochi or Interlagos, or if the “canditi” ended up in Monza …

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