EDIT: I didn’t realise that the website wouldn’t let people buy if they didn’t have a premium account – I was under the influence that if I made my seller account premium, the buyers wouldn’t have to. That’s my bad. I also didn’t realise that it wouldn’t accept accounts from outside the UK.

I think what we might do is, if you want the item, DM me with the item number and we can do PayPal and sort it out. Unfortunately that will make the whole first-come-first-serve harder to manage, but I’ll try my best! Sorry everyone 🙁

Here is the imgur album, updated for what is available: https://imgur.com/a/ofmvdFB

Hello, /r/formula1!

My partner and I both work in F1 (lucky us!). While I’ve only just begun my career in F1 over the past two years, my partner has spent nearly a decade working trackside for Mercedes GP, Williams, Force India, and Manor (RIP). We have recently moved house, and in the process of doing so, have gone through all of his old team gear and found lots of merchandise that we don’t really need to hold on to. As we only want to keep one of everything for sentimental reasons, we thought it would be nice to offer the rest up for sale to the /r/formula1 community!

Most of the stuff is men’s size medium and in new or like-new condition – some of them still have the tags on! Obviously we are not selling these at full price; we have reduced them to be about 50% of what they would be if they were bought from official suppliers (formula1.com, team webistes, etc). Quite a few of the items have never been made avilable to the public in repica form, as they are strictly for trackside team members only (like high-vis garage setup shirts, travel bags, etc) or one-offs given to the team by sponsors. All prices include postage/shipping within the UK – if you’re in Europe/USA/elsewhere, shoot me a message and we’ll see what we can do.

I have posted all of the items we have for sale on Preloved.co.uk | OLDTEAMBITS (click here).. Each item is titled “Item X” (numbered 1 to 27) you can search that way as well. I titled them like this so that random people won’t be able to find them as easily. When responding to the advert, please mention you came from the subreddit so can weed out the people who will just want to resell this stuff. We really want these to go to fans who will appreciate them, and I’m sure everyone here fits that bill!

Ten items are pending upload at the moment (I uploaded too much too fast I think) but I will edit this post when all items are ready to go, which should be imminently. You should be able to see everything on the preloved site, but here is an overview of what we have for each team…

Sahara Force India (2011-2015)

  • 4 x polos

  • 3 x jumpers

  • 1 x garage shirt

  • 2 x gillets

  • 3 x jackets

  • 1 x duffel bag

  • 1 x backpack

  • 1 x belt

Manor Racing Team (2016)

  • 1 x polo

  • 2 x rain parkas

Williams Martini Racing (2017)

  • 1 x polo

  • 1 x rain parka

Mercedes AMG Petronas (2017-2018)

  • 3 x polos

  • 1 x garage shirt

  • 1 x jumper

  • 1 x softshell jacket

Important note: as stated in the title, this sale was approved ahead of time by the mods as a one-off thing; big thanks to /u/flipjj for the guidance. And for the sake of transparency/clarity, this is an alt-account that I set up specifically for this so that my regular account won’t get flooded with a million DMs.

I hope these items find a good home with some of you guys!

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