Theo Pourchaire started to cheer, a little later, the Frenchman was on the podium celebrate. Only with the usual champagne shower the 20 – year-old from the US Racing CHRS searched the safe distance. In a thrilling final race of the season, Pourchaire won the ADAC Formula 4 title in second place and celebrated his biggest success so far in motorsport. In the overall standings he relegated his toughest opponent Dennis Hauger ((****************************************************************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing) by seven points to second place , “It's an overwhelming feeling to win the championship. Also for the staff – thanks to the staff for the great support all year round, “said Pourchaire:” Congratulations to Dennis for a great year. “

Pourchaire crowned an outstanding year, in which he put an impressive consistency to the Designate. In the 20 He rode into the top ten races of the season, adding eight podiums to his four race wins. This resistance had hardly anything to oppose to the competition. Only Hauger remained a serious opponent until the end, especially after the weekend in Hockenheim, in which Pourchaire must have felt like a horror movie. Only six points in three races, the collected Rennpech seemed to have conspired against Pourchaire. Meanwhile, opponent Hauger wrote history with a triple victory and moved up to a point to Pourchaire.


But Pourchaire, who was completely relaxed in the car, did not let himself be disturbed. Even changing weather conditions at the season finale at the Sachsenring could not stop the Frenchman winning the title on his mission. “It's very hard to come to the Sachsenring after the Hockenheimring weekend and give everything for this one big task. I knew that I'm only one point ahead and that I have to land in front of Hauger. In the end I did it, I'm really colossal, colossal contented. The whole staff is contented, my family too – sensational, “he said.

The enthusiasm for racing developed early at Pourchaire. “I started driving kart when I was two,” he recalled. “My dad got me into motorsport when I started karting, so I also battle 'infect'. There are many tackles, adrenaline, for me it is the best sport I can imagine. It's an extreme sport, of course, but it's just outstanding, “he enthused.

The results adapted to the enthusiasm. In the Kart Regional Championship of his home region PACA in southern France Pourchaire won the title as an eight-year-old, many more should be added in the following years. And in the international competitions, the passionate cyclist and tennis player soon caused a stir. (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) also in the ADAC Formula 4 on the way battle.

After another strong year in the kart battle, the transition to Formula racing was the logical consequence. In the season 2018 Pourchaire dared to 16 Years the step in the French Formula 4 and dominated the junior ranking with 14 wins in 21 Race at will. Paired with his strong scamper, Pourchaire set a special gift early on for the further development of his car to the Designate. This outstanding overall package was not lost on the traditional motorsport teams.

The long-standing Formula 1 team Sauber Pourchaire took in his junior squad, in the ADAC Formula 4 Pourchaire found the reigning champion team US Racing CHRS a high-quality home. But even in the new series Pourchaire found quickly. Already in his second race in Oschersleben he drove for the first time on the podium. It's the beginning of a success story. Also thanks to the help of former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher, who promoted Pourchaire together with Gerhard Ungar at US Racing CHRS and closely followed the performance of his protégé from far-off Sochi. “They teach me a lot, they have a lot of experience in motorsport. That's great. Ralf battle Formula One driver, he knows a lot about this sport. We also had a bit of contact this weekend, he can always help me and give lots of tips – just like Gerhard, “said Pourchaire, who also goes to school privately.

For his long-term future Pourchaire has set the highest goal. “I hope I can make it to Formula One, of course, everyone dreams of that. It's a long way, but one day I want to be a Formula One World Champion, “he said. His role model has made it more than just a world title. “I magazine Sebastian Vettel. For example, we are a bit similar in style. He's a four-time Formula One World Champion, of course, and I'm only riding in Formula Four. But I'm in the driver's seat, too. I really enjoy the magazine, and I like watching things with him, “Pourchaire admitted. With the first triumph of the French in the since 1991 discharged formula-junior series of the ADAC Pourchaire is already on the trail of his idol: Vettel sat down 2004 in the ADAC Highspeedschule.

First of all, Pourchaire hopes for the next step: “Maybe next year will be in Formula 3, let's see. The Sauber Junior Personnel helps me a lot, it's a great Personnel. We'll see what the future will bring. ”

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