The ADAC Formula 4 gets its big showdown for the title. Championship leader Theo Pourchaire ( On Sunday (09.25 Clock) the best cards. A final decision is also after 09 20 seasonal race The ADAC high-speed school continues, but instead the duel culminates with Dennis Hauger ((*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************), Van Amersfoort Racing) in a grand finale , Pourchaire drove for his fourth win of the year and relegated five-time winner Hauger to second place. The podium was completed by Brazilian Gianluca Petecof (16, Prema Powerteam). With that, Pourchaire gets into the final heat with a lead of points on Hauger.

Additional tension gets the last race of the season through the grid. According to the regulations, the best eight of the second race start in the third race in reverse order. Pourchaire enters the race from eight o'clock, Hauger starts from seventh place in front of him. Both need to catch up. “The fact that I'm But I know it's not over yet. I still have to race and bring intestine behind me, “Pourchaire said.” Dennis will start in front of me so I need to be careful. The race today warfare enormous, it's a great feeling to win. “


Hauger is combative and has not given up hope for the title by far. “Tomorrow I have to put everything on a map. I start in front of Theo, and he has often had his problems from these positions. I hope I can improve myself and he falls behind. But I just have to work hard and hope for the best, “he said. Hauger and Pourchaire put their stamp on the season and together they won nine races and thus hastily half of all runs so far.

At the Sachsenring Pourchaire started from the pole position in the afternoon, Hauger started the race from fourth place. But when the lights went out Pourchaire showed weaknesses. Russian Michael Belov ( had, took the lead. For a long time Belov could not keep this, but in the second lap Pourchaire took back the lead. Belov lost a few more places during the maneuver. Behind Pourchaire, Hauger bit his teeth at Petecof. After a security car phase due to a mistake by rookie Kristian Thaqi ( Hauger also found no way past Petecof.

Just another incident between Sebastian Estner ((********************************), Hungary, R-ace GP) changed the relationships again. Although Pourchaire was able to assert itself again after the restart, behind Hauger succeeded in gaining space against Petecof. Hauger stayed two rounds for the attack on Pourchaire, an incident involving Oliver Rasmussen ((*************************************), Grasleben, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) as well as Ido Cohen (18, Israel, van Amersfoort Racing) but led to a renewed security automobile phase and to neutralize the race to the finish.

“The Bound warfare was enormous, I really wanted to attack Theo in the last round. Then I saw the Security Automobile Sign – but that's the way it is, “Hauger said.” It's hard to get past Petecof. At some point it worked, but it just cost too much time. “

Behind the lead trio was Gregoire Saucy (18, Switzerland, R-ace GP) Fourth in front of Monegassen Arthur Leclerc (18, US Racing CHRS). The brother of Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc has so also computationally no likelihood on the championship title. Nevertheless, Leclerc secured his team valuable points for the team classification, US Racing CHRS is the title only theoretically take. Best rookie was Joshua Dürksen (16, Paraguay, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) in sixth.

In the first race on Saturday morning Belov celebrated after a strong start his first victory in the high-speed ADAC. As later in the second race he caught the better start than Pole-Sitter Pourchaire and brought the victory to the finish. Behind them followed Pourchaire, Saucy and Hauger. The Norwegian wandered in the meantime even in second place, but had this after a failed attack on Belov but again.

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