DHL Awards go to Lewis Hamilton and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

At the season finale of Formula 1, the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX December 1 2019 also won two awards this year: the DHL Quickest Lap Award for the driver with the fastest laps and the DHL Quickest Pit End Award for the consistently shortest pit stops of the season. The DHL Quickest Lap Award goes this season to Lewis Hamilton, who drives for Team Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Like last year, the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team impressed with the DHL Quickest Pit End Award, which impressed with three world record times in one season.

DHL Quickest Lap Award: high tension until the end of the season

The DHL Quickest Lap Award was only decided shortly before the end of the season. “It's great to see that it has been exciting to snappily this time, and it shows the attractiveness of this award,” says John Pearson, CEO DHL Categorical, who presented the DHL Quickest Lap Cup in Abu Dhabi to Lewis Hamilton.

Six-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton is already the winner of the DHL Quickest Lap Award in Abu Dhabi before the final race weekend of the season. Hamilton scored the fastest race lap five times in the previous He also drove the most second fastest laps (four). The runner-up of the standings, Charles Leclerc, has four fastest laps before the final. Thus, he could catch up with another fastest lap in Abu Dhabi only with Hamilton. In this case, most of the Brit's second fastest laps would decide the score in his favor.


“In addition to the placement, fast lap times in Formula 1 have always been important, and our award is correspondingly sought after by drivers and teams,” emphasizes John Pearson.

This fact has been taken into account by the FIA ​​after thorough consideration in accordance with Formula 1 in this year's regulations for the fight for the championship: 2019 an additional point was introduced, each time the driver with the fastest lap time – assuming he finishes in the top ten. The reintroduction after six decades was preceded by a month-long, detailed survey of thousands of followers from around the world. “Crucial for the title was not the extra point this season, but it provided extra excitement and driving excellence,” said Pearson.

With four awards, world champion Lewis Hamilton is now the sole record winner in the Quickest Lap Award and leaves behind Sebastian Vettel, who had equaled three titles so far. Hamilton says of the award: “The fastest lap has a different meaning this year, because there is an extra championship point for it. This has made it even more important for u.s. It was fun to go hunting for purple sector times at the end of the race and I did some really good laps. For example, I remember my home race at Silverstone, where I pushed to the limit on older tires just before the checkered flag – in front of my home crowd. The extra point added some spice to the last laps of the race and it's really frigid that we did a good job in this area this year. “

The DHL Quickest Lap Award was launched It honors the rider who consistently achieves the best speed and achieves most of the fastest laps in a season. The award is inspired by success criteria that are equally important in F1 and logistics to deliver excellence – speed, reliability, precision and teamwork.

DHL Quickest Pit End Award: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing wins again

The race for the DHL Quickest Pit End Award, which, as in the previous year, went to Team Red Bull, was decided more clearly this season. Red Bull was the first team in history to defend the Quickest Pit End Award. The team also undercut the world record of Felipe Massa's shortest pit stop of the year seconds traipse. Last time in the Huge Prix of Brazil: Max Verstappen came out of the pits with a record time of only 1, 20 seconds ,

As an official logistics partner, DHL has been awarding the award to the team that has consistently shown the best performance in the pit lane. “The outstanding performances this season prove impressively that Formula 1 is also a team sport,” said John Pearson. “In order to record such record times, the entire team in the pit lane must work together optimally under maximum time pressure. Red Bull has impressively demonstrated with a number of records, as soon as it was possible. “Until the World Cup finals in Abu Dhabi were in the Formula 1 season the pit stop times. “I am very proud of our pit lane team,” said Sports Director Jonathan Wheatley. “Breaking the world record three times in a single season is something special, something like that does not happen every year!”

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