Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

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Mika Hakkinen Wins his First Title as Finnish Commentators Spin Crazy.

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Strikes a chord in my memory of Kimi’s pole region in Monza closing twelve months

stage 1

This commentator used to be Finnish version of Murray Walker, even including “Murrayisms”. One which i will translate (now not from this video) is “And he drives hasty! He drives faster than anyone has ever driven on the present time” Any other is “Mika Salo said he’ll kind 2 pit stops for the length of this lap” They’re going to now not sound as droll whereas you dont hear it for the length of dwell speed and commentator is totally severe. But i mediate you would perchance per chance model the connection.

stage 2

Can also anyone translate your complete ingredient, if any individual is Finnish? I would elevate to hear it. Furthermore the ambiance after winning used to be simply improbable with the full Mclaren flags and Eastern folk cheering.

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If any individual is questioning, Keke also shall be commentating on it..

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I esteem the equivalent German Sky commentary for Michaels seize @ Suzuka 2000.