It be so humorous because, 2003 is the year where Kimi led the championship basically the most all thru his profession( From Malaysia to Canada), and individuals barely focus on that year. In 2005 he by no procedure led the championship, in 2007, he most attention-grabbing led it within the first and the closing spherical ( how ironic) , in 2008 he led temporarily from Bahrain to Monaco and then in Silverstone with Hamilton and Massa. And in 2013, he led it within the first spherical. I serene imagine 2003 is his supreme year with 2005 a close second ( I mean if individuals comprise that Kimi is a median qualifier, then they’ll safe to serene look him in that season, a few of basically the most attention-grabbing quali laps of the last decade came from Kimi that year) .

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