2020 Grid, Finlandized:

Sebastian Vetelä, Kaarlo Lekriläinen, Max Verso-Tappinen, Aleksi Alponen, Daniel Rikkilä, Sebastian Okkonen, Pertti Kasilainen, Romain Korstela, Lauri Norrena, Seppo Perälä, Kaarlo Pyhimys, Lanse Rollonperä, Yrjö Russelä and Daniel Kuivala.

Kevin would quiet be Magnussen, Bottas and Räikkönen create now not can comprise to quiet be translated… Allthough, i hav no thought what bottas manner or the set up it comes from. Bottom/putrid/grounds one thing per chance. First names create now not translate as without jam and we create comprise rather a bit international essentially based names, mine is Welsh.. Not that the surnames mean one thing else but as a minimum there are some principles how one can finlandize a surname: that is the set up rather a few our surnames comes from. In all places in the flip of the century and after gaining independence Finns wanted to replace their surnames to “finnish”. In quotes since rather a few them appropriate had been modified a bit to make them sound finnish.. That allows to create unusual finlandized surnames out of almost any international surname. Simplest some first names might per chance maybe additionally be finlandized, basically they’re biblical or royal, Charles is Kaarlo, George becomes Yrjö. Yrjö is additionally a slang name for vomit/ing.

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