Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

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[OT] First incident between Dakar 2020 opponents (crews OK)

The first considerable atomize between Dakar 2020 opponents took utter advance the dwell of stage 6 between automobile °328 of Tomas Ourednicek (Ford Raptor) and truck °506 of Martin van den Brink (Renault). Both crews are OK.

°506 became as soon as in a blueprint to proceed after checking on the crew of °328 and went on to attain the stage, whereas the Ford suffered in depth hurt and became as soon as towed to the dwell of the stage. °506 referred the incident to the stewards, offering their in-automobile video. No lunge became as soon as taken when it comes to °506.

Van den Brink later posted that there became as soon as no unsuitable blood between the crews and that it became as soon as a racing incident, moreover offering his personnel’s encourage repairing the hurt so °328 can assign the starting up the next day.

This utter became as soon as a bit unusual thanks to abnormal mind fades from some diversified drivers. After this atomize, with the remaining of the opponents having to fling the damage on the superb, automobile °338 of Akira Miura made up our minds to finish correct on the unusual racing line to interchange a wheel, though this time it resulted in no incident.

I got the links from this memoir, which moreover has the photos that time out the extent of the hurt to Ourednicek’s Ford (textual jabber in Russian).