John Surtees, basically the most attention-grabbing driver that won a championship with a non-red Ferrari. (1964, Mexican GP)


In actuality attention-grabbing account. Enzo ferrari used to be offended on the italian motorsport governing physique ACI thanks to a rule. All GT cars needed to possess bought no not as a lot as 100 cars sooner than being allowed to bustle in that class.

What Enzo did used to be give support his Italian competitor license, and restructured under NART (North American Racing Team) assuredly ferrari but racing under the American colors and flag.

The auto ‘simplest’ raced in that livery for 2 races though, the USA gp, and the finale, the Mexican gp. The auto gave Surtees his first, and simplest plot 1 championship.

This is appropriate a abstract, but theres tones of articles and or not it is miles a basically fun learn

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