On at present in 2002, Ferrari ordered Barrichello to present his design terminate to Schumacher in Austrian Monumental Prix, which resulted in team orders ban in the following season


“Fernando is quicker than you. Attain you duplicate?”

It never genuinely labored, they started the usage of thinly veiled code language till it staunch grew to turn out to be slow to proceed put apart into stamp a rule that is quite no longer doable to position into stamp.

We also had at one point ban on “driver aid”, the engineers can also no longer deliver what dial to position in what space.. after which that went away too. It had staunch intentions nevertheless teams did no longer construct simplified interfaces that driver may per chance presumably be ready to train to design selections easy how one can flee the engine and heaps others, which used to be one amongst the targets nevertheless it no doubt genuinely never had any chance. F1 is methodology too delicate to design it into one thing else less complicated than what’s already in train. Drivers design terminate out from presets more in most cases than no longer nevertheless the moment they’re in anxiousness and would own to alternate one single parameter.. they’re fucked without engineer telling what to develop. Lewis showed it successfully, if basically the most easy can not tackle it.. allthough, it’s some distance going to’ve took space with Räikkönen, we would’ve had radio chatter gold efficiency plus Kimi is, involving to many, very staunch at the usage of these toys on his dangle.. Off subject nevertheless his flee engineers own mentioned that they’re staunch about to claim one thing when Kimi staunch does the alternate wished on his dangle.

I mediate driving steerage is aloof banned, you can not order for the length of the flee what corners you are late. Which is staunch compromise, if the rule of thumb is admire i be conscious it…

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