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After the Racing Point chapter, the Mexican is working to cease in Diagram 1. The per chance destination is the Haas, a workers that in step with potentially the most up-to-date rumors intends to substitute every of its recent drivers.

Waiting to know the (apparent) future of Lewis Hamilton and the alternatives that will likely be made in Crimson Bull referring to who will likely be half of Max Verstappen in 2021, the drivers market continues in the 2nd half of of the starting grid amid tight negotiations and stand-by myself choices. by relish that of Kimi Raikkonen, who will keep in touch his intentions to Alfa Romeo by the cease of September.

There is a negotiation that’s rumored plenty in the paddock, and it is the one who involves the Haas workers and Sergio Perez. After the cease of his lengthy relationship with Racing Point, the Mexican driver gave the impression doubtful about his intentions to continue his profession in Diagram 1, nevertheless in step with potentially the most up-to-date rumors leaked on the eve of the Sochi weekend, Perez will live in the Circus also in the 2021.

To persuade him could presumably well be the Haas opportunity, a workers that since mid-summer has been evaluating the final probabilities supplied by the market after four years of stability with the Grosjean-Magnussen tandem. In step with info gathered by motorsport, the negotiation could presumably well be at a appropriate level, and for Perez that of the US workers could presumably well be the suitable concrete probability so that you simply must perhaps right a future in Diagram 1. It is peaceable unclear whether Haas will pronounce its procedure to fully renew. his line-up in behold of 2021, nevertheless what is certain is that at the 2nd every Grosjean and Magnussen aren’t certain of a contract for next three hundred and sixty five days.

Obviously I’d pick to relish a signed contract – Magnussen suggested the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet – I do know that per chance there are several negotiations underway, nevertheless I even relish realized not to be influenced by these moments, I construct not desire the deliver to steer my work on the monitor. The new one is clearly a with out a doubt competitive driver market, appropriate read the names. There are Perez and Hulkenberg, then the junior Ferrari drivers relish Schumacher, Shwartzman and Ilott, and we are a workers linked to Ferrari, as is Alfa Romeo. So there are a appropriate different of candidates, what I’m able to construct is attend working at my apt ”.

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