I’m no longer an expert, but generally it appears to be a analogue arrive to present details about lap-cases and such in comparison to diversified drivers. To a particular stage it appears to be a remnant from the primitive days of F1, although completely it serene fulfills a reason.

I produce no longer know the way fine it in actuality is although – I keep in mind when Tsunoda’s radio instruments failed in an F2 creep earlier this season in Austria. His personnel desperately tried to hasten him to pit by technique of a message on the board, but he did no longer acknowledge it for loads of laps, simply due to no longer realising the malfunction and no longer paying attention to the board. I mediate I keep in mind his pit crew desperately shaking the board (edit: as could even be seen in the video link as effectively) to assemble him study it.

As a result of that unhappy situation I mediate the misplaced an in every other case guaranteed podium home.

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