Alain van der Merwe (rechts) hilft Romain Grosjean über die Leitplanke - Foto: FIA Formula 1
Alain van Merwe (right) helps Romain Grosjean over the guard rail – Photo: FIA System 1

There was a terrible horror accident at the Formula 1 race in Bahrain. Romain Grosjean escaped fire and his two-part vehicle with the last no longer.

Shortly after the open up for the third from last Formula 1 race, there was a horror accident in Bahrain Global Circuit. Romain Grosjean touched Daniil Kvyat’s right front tire with his right rear wheel and drove right into the guardrail at high speed.

His Haas-F1 was torn in half and the tank, gasoline or gasoline lines exploded in flames.

His head was protected by the Halo Machine and the monocoque (the safety cell in which the driver sits) withstood the impact. The Frenchman was a little more than 19 Seconds in the middle of the fire. Here the FIA ​​overalls and the fireproof underwear withstood major burns.


Romain Grosjean was conscious and was able to free himself from the cockpit . The medical vehicle was immediately on the scene and medical driver Alan van der Merwe helped Romain Grosjean jump over the guardrail. The South African put himself in danger and very close to the giant fireball. In the enormous heat, van der Merwe also took a personal risk here, which threatened his integrity personally. Certainly a heroic act.

The medical vehicle (with van der Merwe and racing doctor Ian Roberts) was fighting according to the TV station RTL within 20 seconds at the scene of the accident. And the marshals were also quick to the model with fire extinguishers. There was also the luck that four people who were in close proximity at the time of the impact were able to get to safety. On the basis of TV images you can also see that a marshal immediately ran to the fire extinguisher and began to extinguish it.

Romain Grosjean was shortly afterwards in the helicopter on the way to the military hospital. According to initial information from the Haas team, it should only be minor burns. The media still speak of a broken rib.

Certainly the halo machine, the safety regulations in motorsport and luck were responsible that such a horror accident happened without life-threatening injuries.

At the second open up there was the next moment of shock when Lance Stroll overturned and slid across the track on the Halo machine. But the Canadian also escaped his vehicle visibly unharmed.

A turbulent Formula 1 GP that, despite all the drama, has ended well so far!

Exchange 17. 20 Clock : According to initial reports, Romain Grosjean is said to have broken 2nd degree burns on his hands and two toes.


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