Red Bull Racing have been put into a rather difficult position towards the end of 2020 season when Honda made the headlines regarding their power unit and their time in the sport after 2021. Looking around the paddock, Ferrari and Marcedes quickly turned down the option of them supplying engines for another team. Therefore, there it remained Renault, who hasn’t turned down the possibility as yet. However, the team flirts with the fourth option which would mean them taking over the facilities, staff and intellectual property of honda-developed power unit, under the condition that the development of power units across the field is frozen.

Current advisor to Red Bull spoke about the upcoming deal between the teams that would ensure just that with Motorsport-total.com: “It is clear that not all manufacturers agree, but an agreement is on the way because it makes sense. It’s unacceptable that so many costs are being incurred on a complex engine that we know will soon no longer be used.”

If the teams fail to reach the agreement, would that suggest Red Bull’s best option is to return to Renault? Marko quickly denies any possibility of that particular “B-plan”: “Our focus is fully on the Honda project. Our plans are to carry out engine maintenance on our existing Red Bull campus and adapt a hall for that.” he said.

Marko also elaborated on the alleged engine regulations that should be introduced for 2026: “If the hints become true that the new engine is much simpler in design; that the MGU-H is eliminated, and that it remains innovative but the annual cost limit is somewhere around 50 million, then it’s no longer such a complex issue as the current engine. That means you could then do the development for such an engine with the paraphernalia we will have in Milton Keynes.”

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Tim Kodermac


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