George Russel has been given an opportunity of a lifetime at the Sakhir GP only about a month ago and has proven himself to be one of the best drivers coming up with the new generation pack among Verstappen, Leclerc, Norris and the likes. 22-year-old brit has not only impressed his “boss” Toto Wolff who coined the phrase “A star is born” but his fellow drivers as well.

“He’s a real deal.” says Daniel Ricciardo. “It’s hard to know how good they are until they step up towards the front of the grid – not only to see if they are fast enough but also if they can handle the pressure of being up at the front.” Ricciardo said on the In The Fast Lane podcast.

“George didn’t need to get pole to kind of prove he’s got the talent, but he was so close. I think the more impressive thing for him was to get a good start, get into the lead and control a big part of that race. That’s where he really earned his stripes. I think he proved that yes, the car is amazing and whatnot, but he proved he is certainly the real deal. He’s one of those younger kids that I think has now proven himself,” added the Aussie, who will join McLaren next year.

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Tim Kodermac


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