I was actually at a family/friends dinner some hours ago and during a pause to receive a call, i came across this. As we have some family friends who are experienced doctors, i asked what this could mean because i rather have some expert opinions that read stuff on the internet regarding medical stuff.

They say it’s not a good look, at all. It’s not a death sentence (but they said that the death rate is not totally low and is enough to get afraid of), as many other things are, but it’s not something you can look at and have confidence that he will pull through without feeling you are giving false hope. And even if he manages to overcome the support he’s connected to, his organs are facing severe damage that he might never recover from. It’s not something you overcome one part and then it’s just a waiting period as normal function resumes, we are talking about something that will take years to recover to an adequate level, and there’s a considerable risk that the organs damage that he suffered due to this eventually bring him other complications, which might limit his life forever, no matter what he does in the recovery period. Every situation is different, mind you, and him being a fit athlete helps his odds, but it’s still a serious condition that is difficult to predict how it will go. It’s really a day-by-day process.

To conclude, they said, he should survive the period on the EMCO machine and have good signs from it within the next 3 weeks at most, for the next steps to have a decent chance of working, even if, ultimately, those steps will always have a considerable % of unpredictability connected to them and beating one step, never guarantees beating the next one. If good news, on that part, don’t come to us in that time-frame, then we must prepare for the worse. Thinking of a racing return at this point is beyond premature as well, he will have done well enough to have won the race for a normal life.

Hope Correa wins this race. It’s the most important one of his entire life, as it is for all of us, we may have all the things we want from this world, but we only get to enjoy it if we have our existence. Losing Anthoine was bad enough, losing Juan as well would make a tragical weekend, even more tragic. Venga Juan!

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